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Unofficial OpenOffice translations (Was: OpenOffice and go-oo)


Inspired by this thread I took a look at the Finnish translations of 
OpenOffice in Fedora and also contacted the people who lead the Finnish L10n 
project of OpenOffice.

Apparently there are two sets of translations available for OpenOffice. Sun 
has the official translations, which are also in Fedora's OpenOffice. Then 
there's an unofficial collection of translations, to my knowledge someone 
called Pavel Janik collects those translations from the maintainers of each 
language and also does unofficial builds with them included. Those 
translations are available here:


It seems the unofficial translations are in some cases much more complete than 
the unofficial translations. This is because the Sun Contributor Agreement 
process is considered to be too cumbersome and many contributors have not 
signed the SCA.

If someone who has not signed the SCA has contributed to the translations then 
these translations can't be submitted to Sun's official version anymore 
(unless someone goes through the trouble of identifying and taking out those 
parts of the translation which are made without the agreement). This is the 
case with the Finnish translations and so the Finnish translations included 
in Sun's official source code and Fedora have not been updated in three 
years! The situation is probably similar with other languages as well.

The unofficial translations provided by Pavel Janik are used in the Debian 
derivatives for example. Could Fedora also start using those, so we would get 
a more completely translated OpenOffice?

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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