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Re: X on tty1 in Rawhide/F10

Dan Horák wrote:
Will Woods píše v Po 27. 10. 2008 v 17:07 -0400:
Hi folks,

If you're running F10Beta/Rawhide, you may have noticed already, but I
wanted to make sure everyone knows this is intentional:


GDM specifically starts X on tty1, and upstart does not start a getty on
tty1 in runlevel 5.

How can I disable this "feature"? I really do not want change my habits
after 10+ years with X on vt7.


I hope it might be possible, by changing the order in upstart -- ie. first run mingetty, then gdm (as for years before). Perhaps also restore mingetty on tty1 ...

By the way, I cannot understand why gdm, when running before mingetty (for better startup speed), must be run on tty1 only. It seems that it should be possible to run it before, but cause it to use tty7.

It is insignificant for end users on what tty X run. But for other users, it is better to preserve compatibility with 10+ years.

I can help to make changes for invoking X on tty7 instead of tty1 .

Dmitry Butskoy

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