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Re: X on tty1 in Rawhide/F10

Dan Nicholson wrote:
On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 4:40 AM, Dmitry Butskoy <buc odusz so-cdu ru> wrote:
By the way, I cannot understand why gdm, when running before mingetty (for
better startup speed), must be run on tty1 only. It seems that it should be
possible to run it before, but cause it to use tty7.

It's not for speed, it's so there will be no VT switching when booting.

Does such a one switching cost so much?

Why is it significant what tty any program runs on? Isn't the
assumption that getty will be on tty1 just as faulty as the assumption
X will be on tty7?


First, it is long precedent.

Second, there are non-GUI installations (including those where X invoked by "startx" from runlevel 3). Hence it looks strange to count tty consoles starting from 2 (instead of 1). Some people will be shocked, whereas such a shocking seems not necessary for the faster bootup feature.


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