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Re: X on tty1 in Rawhide/F10

Christopher Stone wrote:

I don't see how tty7 or tty1 makes any difference to a desktop user, or a server user, or a newbie or an expert.

It makes a difference for "old" user.

Some old age users (35+) began when the desktop was poor and monitors were bad. Very often they started on a serial "dumb" tty (like vt100), and use Vi to type their programs and cmdline for everything else.

For the same reason, why you cannot cause your grandmother to love modern club music (she still prefer classic or rock-n-roll), the old Linux users still prefer (yes, it is so!) to use Linux consoles. Someone use it rarely, someone every day.

Certainly it is impossible to not use GUI now, and surely they use GUI. But because of it habits, they switch to consoles often enough. In other words, they do Ctrl-Alt-Fn to go to a console, and Alt-F7 to go to X. And they press this keys every day every hour.

When you go to change tty7 to tty1, you cause them to change their habits from Ctrl-ALt-F1/Alt-F7 to Ctlr-Alt-F2/Alt-F1. It is not good. Why? Try to cause your grandmother to listen modern music, she will answer you...

Please note, that Linux (and Fedora) is not for "young people" only. It is for "all the people". Not for "young enthusiasts", there are a lot of "already not young" enthusiasts. The community consisting only from young men, is impractical in the real serious world...


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