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Re: X on tty1 in Rawhide/F10

I've been quietly lurking for ages now, but this is really too much.

So the argument is "you can't teach and old dog new tricks"?

I am an "old" user by this definition (though I prefer emacs to vi) and
I don't see any problems with this at all.  It looks substantially nicer
than it did before (Kudos to everyone involved with this) and would
appear to the newer-to-linux set.

It also brings a vast improvement for me:  when the x server restarts my
monitor takes a bit to resync ... causing a delay of 1+ seconds on each
restart before the picture is usable.

Hitting alt-f2 isn't any harder than hitting alt-f1, and if you've got X
as you're primary display (via runlevel 5) then I'd argue that X _is_
the first virtual console.  

My only complaint is that I'd like to be able to set a console to 80x25
but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.


On Tue, 2008-10-28 at 20:09 +0300, Dmitry Butskoy wrote:
> Christopher Stone wrote:
> >
> > I don't see how tty7 or tty1 makes any difference to a desktop user, 
> > or a server user, or a newbie or an expert.
> It makes a difference for "old" user.
> Some old age users (35+) began when the desktop was poor and monitors 
> were bad. Very often they started on a serial "dumb" tty (like vt100), 
> and use Vi to type their programs and cmdline for everything else.
> For the same reason, why you cannot cause your grandmother to love 
> modern club music (she still prefer classic or rock-n-roll), the old 
> Linux users still prefer (yes, it is so!) to use Linux consoles. Someone 
> use it rarely, someone every day.
> Certainly it is impossible to not use GUI now, and surely they use GUI. 
> But because of it habits, they switch to consoles often enough. In other 
> words, they do Ctrl-Alt-Fn to go to a console, and Alt-F7 to go to X. 
> And they press this keys every day every hour.
> When you go to change tty7 to tty1, you cause them to change their 
> habits from Ctrl-ALt-F1/Alt-F7 to Ctlr-Alt-F2/Alt-F1. It is not good. 
> Why? Try to cause your grandmother to listen modern music, she will 
> answer you...
> Please note, that Linux (and Fedora) is not for "young people" only. It 
> is for "all the people". Not for "young enthusiasts", there are a lot of 
> "already not young" enthusiasts. The community consisting only from 
> young men, is impractical in the real serious world...
> ~buc

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