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Re: F10 builds targetted for dist-f10-updates-candidate

Jesse Keating wrote:
In order to properly prepare F10 updates, all F10 builds are now
targetted at dist-f10-updates-candidate.  This is a setting in the
'common' directory of your package modules, so you'll want to make sure
you're using an up to date common.

The buildroot for dist-f10-updates-candidate is comprised of dist-f10
content, which means builds done in dist-f10-updates-candidate
will /not/ automatically be usable in the buildroot.  You'll need to
request a buildroot override in order to do build sets.

Also, any build that we break the freeze for and tag for Fedora 10
release will also be available in the buildroot.

I have locked the dist-f10 tag so that no more builds can automatically
get tagged.  If you have a build that fails due to a locked tag, you can
either ping releng, or manually tag it yourself for

# koji tag-pkg dist-f10-updates-candidate <build-n-v-r>

Will we be able to create updates in bodhi for F-10 now then?

I don't mind some smaller fixes / updates being shunted to F-10 updates because
of the freeze. But last time around (if I remember correctly) one could
actually create the updates in bodhi for quite a while, which meant one had to
remember or write down a list of packages to create updates for once bodhi
finally was able to do updates for the upcoming release.



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