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Re: Reasons to preseve X on tty7

Dax Kelson wrote:
Uneeded and frivolous incompatibilities between Linux distros are
particularly annoying to me on many levels. One practical reason is the
bloat it causes in our courseware. The LSB is fine for developers who
want to run binaries across multiple distributions, but Linux Sys Admins
deserve something akin to the LSB that provides greater consistency at
the Sys Admin level by removing squashing these frivolous
incompatibilities. This is something that has been brewing in the back
of my mind and I (using Guru Labs funding/resources and other interested
parties) might tackle at some point.
I don't really agree with your expectations of Linux as a whole.

This idea has come about that there is an operating system called Linux and there are many flavors of it called distros. This is not, IMHO, the case. There are many different operating systems, and they all happen to use the Linux kernel.

I don't expect Ubuntu to be any more compatible with Fedora than Windows. The two come out pretty similar only because we happen to agree on more than we disagree on (believe it or not), and because wheel-inventing costs effort, even if you think you can make a shinier one.

If somehow I could be transported 30 years into the future, and I could be sat down in front of Fedora, I'd be honestly disappointed if I recognized it. I don't much like the idea that all privileged operations are proxied through one all-capable and identityless account, and between /usr, /usr/local, and /opt I'm certain there is at least one too many places to put programs. Every single thing about this OS will change some day. We'll even switch kernels at some point if we last long enough (could be 50 years, could be 100) Drastic change is going to come, and its going to come to the disto that dares. And the rewards will be great.


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