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Re: Reasons to preseve X on tty7

Les Mikesell wrote:
I'd expect most people who install fedora themselves to have at least a couple of other OS's running concurrently. Has anyone done a poll about this recently?

Why would you expect that?

Granted, I may not be "most", but here's what I run:

- F9 (x64)
- Windows XP under KVM (and only for two apps that require either Windows or else bastardizing my Fedora install with IE + ActiveX, which I refuse to do ;-) )

- F6 (yeah, I know, I'll likely upgrade when I get a chance to bring the box down, now that I actually have available spare HD's)
- F9 (i686)
- Xandros (on my Asus EEE, and only because I haven't had time to find something better; how's Fedora on those?)

So, basically... I run Fedora. At home, certainly, my main desktop runs F9 and *only* F9.

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