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PackageKit 0.3.10 into F9

I'm asking for your opinions as to whether PackageKit 0.3.10 should be
pushed into F9 as an update. 0.3.10 will be released on Monday, and is
much more feature complete and stable than the 0.2.x series. There have
been 10 releases on the 0.3.x codebase in the last three months. 0.3.x
is API and ABI incompatible with 0.2.x and 0.1.x versions, and has been
in rawhide for a few months now.

Uploading 0.3.10 also allows us to build KPackageKit for F9, which is
quite nice to use now. Something for all the KDE people.
gnome-packagekit is also much more user friendly and all the
transactions should be much faster.

If there are any early adopters keen to try a package (please!), can you
please download a automatically generated git-snapshots here
http://www.packagekit.org/packages/ and:

* yum remove PackageKit gnome-packagekit
* rebuild PackageKit-x.srpm
* install PackageKit-x-*.rpm
* rebuild gnome-packagekit-x.srpm
* install gnome-packagekit-x-*.rpm
* reboot

Please send error reports to me, or the PackageKit mailing list.

If there are no user regressions, I'll build this in f9-updates-testing,
and then push it out using bodhi.



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