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Re: review-o-matic : Fedora package review helper

What is the status of this project? Did anyone started out writing some code? I want to contribute to this. Is there a webpage?

My opinion on this idea is, we should first write a script that displays 3 different kind of outputs:

1- Pure automatic checks: sha1sums, %files etc. -> Display results
2- Semi-automatic checks: For instance, the script will check for static libraries in the build. -> Display results (If there are static libraries then it will warn the reviewer so he can check for the necessity of them.)
3- Purely manual checks: Not everything in the guidelines is easy to implement. Hence after the script is done, it will tell the reviewer what else needs to be checked manually.

As time goes more features can be implemented and more items from 3 can be shifted into 1 or 2. We will need to build a powerful parser. I think some code can be borrowed from rpmlint.



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