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Re: [Fedora-legal-list] Fedora not "free" enough for GNU?

Michel Salim wrote:
I was just over at gnu.org to download the anniversary video recorded
by Stephen Fry, and while I was there decided to take a look at what
systems they recommend as being free.

They list BLAG, which is based on Fedora. But Fedora itself (and
Debian) is not there!


This struck me as rather strange, especially considering their
guidelines are actually based on Fedora's (and we are thanked for it):

As far as I remember, Rahul Sundaram was talking to the GNU / FSF
people about this quite a while back. Is it just the difference over
binary-only firmware that's consigning us to the "non-free" heap?

Basically, yes. I posted the last status on


David Woodhouse initiated a effort to remove firmware into a separate archive. While that work is still in progress, you can see that kernel-firmware is a separate package in rawhide already. While there are other advantages, it allows people who don't want such firmware packages installed for philosophical reasons to easily remove them. A separate spin is easier now as well.


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