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Re: How to orphan a feature? (OpenChange)

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet <at> samba.org> writes:
> Clearly the OpenChange feature won't make it into Fedora 10

Indeed, I was going to put that up for discussion: kdepim 4.2 won't be ready in 
time for F10, and I don't think we should be rushing in some alpha or beta just 
to get OpenChange support, with OpenChange itself being in heavy development 
too and the review requests still pending when we're going to be in feature 
freeze in a few days.

> Aside from a note like this to the list, what else do I need to do?  

Change the targeted release for the feature to Fedora 11 and kick it back from 
FeatureAcceptedF10 into FeaturePageIncomplete.

> In particular, as libmapi/openchange has been approved, but not put into
> CVS, how do I ensure this approval is useful to whomever comes after me?

I'd suggest making a note in the review request that the package is up for 
grabs and letting whoever is going to pick it up fill in the CVS request. 
Another possibility, if you can find somebody to maintain it right away, is 
that you fill in the CVS request with them as maintainer and yourself as 
comaintainer, we've done that with a few KDE packages.

        Kevin Kofler

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