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Re: make force-tag gone

Denis Leroy <denis <at> poolshark.org> writes:
> Yes please put force-tag: back, or make 'scratch-build' without a branch 
> tag.

Scratch builds are not a solution, as there's no way to turn a scratch build 
into a non-scratch one without resubmitting the build from scratch (no pun 
intended) as a non-scratch one, which wastes both my time and Koji's resources.

My workflow went like this:
* commit
* make tag
* make build BUILD_FLAGS=--nowait
* get result e-mail from Koji
* while failed:
  - commit
  - make force-tag
  - resubmit build
  - get result e-mail from Koji

Using scratch builds, I'd have to:
* commit
* submit scratch build from HEAD (for which there isn't even a makefile 
command, as you mentioned)
* get results from Koji (does it even mail scratch build results?)
* while failed:
  - commit
  - submit new scratch build from HEAD
  - get results from Koji
* make tag (!)
* submit real build (!)
The steps I marked with ! mean the package has to wait for me to notice it 
successfully built so I can issue the new build, and then I have to wait for an 
additional build from Koji, wasting Koji resources. So this is just a gigantic 
waste of time and resources. (Don't think of a trivial noarch package which 
builds in a matter of minutes or even seconds, think of something huge like 

Scratch builds can solve some problems (like builds for customized or 
unreviewed packages), but this isn't one.

        Kevin Kofler

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