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Re: Feature Proposal: Use cases database

Le mercredi 10 septembre 2008 à 16:14 +0100, Richard Hughes a écrit :

> PackageKit already supports catalogs, which is pretty much what you
> describe.
> Have a look here http://www.packagekit.org/pk-faq.html#catalogs and tell
> me if that does what you need.

Please work with the anaconda team so whatever resource list format you
end up is shared and we don't have pk catalogs vs comps files. Really
our comps file is nothing but the initial catalog restricted to the
initial repository and it's quite disturbing they have ovelapping
functionnality with different featuresets, syntax and limitations.

Appart from that:

On the positive side: PK catalogs allow specifying resources via
something else than package names

On the negative side
1. They use .ini syntax. Does not scale well, the fact comps file
are .xml had helped set up things such as syntax verification easily

2. They are keyed on distro-id and architecture. Really this is an
abysmal idea (as showed by the example asumption Rawhide is fedora
9.90). If you really want a multi-distro multi-release file at least
separate cleanly the different bits in separate sections.

3. They have no structure you can't define groups with
optionnal/default/etc bits. Anything not limited to a handful of
packages will need this

Nicolas Mailhot

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