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Re: Fedora-release: picking the GPG files post-transition for a spin

Martin Langhoff wrote:
I am working on a custom "fedora-release" replacement package
(xs-release) for a custom spin that will be ready at the end of the
month. My understanding is that it makes sense to only ship the new
GPG keys and new repos.

There is a tiny user-base still using a F7-based spin. From what I can
see, they'll be able to upgrade with anaconda or yum directly to the
post-transition packages.

Does my plan make sense? Is there any step in the upgrade machinery
that I am missing that might require the old keys?

There should be no problem to continue as usual.

Provided the -release package you include holds the new GPG key configuration as well as the new repository location, the systems should not have to go through the transition after the installation.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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