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Re: make force-tag gone

On Thu, 2008-09-11 at 15:51 -0500, Jeffrey Ollie wrote:
> Basically because the only argument for keeping "make force-tag"
> wasn't a technical one.  There's a need to ensure that a tag points to
> the exact source that was used to build a package.  Disallowing
> force-tag is the easiest way to do that.  Creating some hack that
> checks with koji to see if there's a successful build associated with
> a tag before allowing a force-tag operation to success sounds like a
> recipe for really slow and expensive CVS operations.

That's pretty incorrect.  There is lots of evidence where being able to
move forward contents of the build target without fiddling with the
target itself has value.  Both in time saved and interaction with

Really it comes down to a premature desire to clean up the way that Koji
builds things.  For lack of something easier, koji builds from a CVS tag
based on the N-V-R of a package build.  For lack of knowledge of
something easier, the thought is that tag is the only thing we can use
to get back to the actual source used for a build.  It's not.  I've been
told of at least one way to use something different, the CVS/Entries
file.  Yeah, it might take a little work to cook up an app to go from
that to the source, but that's fine, that's work the person who wants
this has to do.

Instead, we're forcing all of our users to change how they work because
some people feel uncomfortable about something WE'RE NOT EVEN RELYING
UPON!!  We don't rely upon anything to go backwards at this time.
Nothing.  I have no objections to finding a way to make absolutely
certain that what koji builds from is immutable and can be pulled out of
source control.  No objections at all.  I highly object to forcing our
users to come up with this for us, because they're so pissed off that
we've removed tag moving.

Simply put, figure out a way to meet the immutable requirements first,
before taking away the ability to move tags forward.  Don't remove that
ability, and then sometime in the indeterminate future fix the immutable

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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