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Re: PostgreSQL mgmt on Fedora: pg_cluster-like tools?

2008/9/12 Tom Lane <tgl redhat com>:
> Not really.  I think Devrim Gunduz has been working on a similar idea
> for the RPM distributions, but no results yet.  Obviously the lack of
> a convenient upgrade path is a real PITA, so I'm in favor of solving
> it somehow, but how to do it without breaking a lot of stuff?

Any reason not to use the debianistas code? It does cause some subtle
breakage in some cases, but it broke first on debian/ubuntu and the
fallout is over. By which I mean: app developers already cursed and
added fixes/workarounds/documentation to deal with it; that road is

Doing it differently means breaking in new and original ways, and a
new round of cursing...

> (It should be noted that upstream is working on in-place upgrade;
> but I wouldn't exactly hold my breath on that happening for PG 8.4,
> and it does nothing for existing releases anyway.)

Interesting to hear. That'll be good news when it happens.


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