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Re: PostgreSQL mgmt on Fedora: pg_cluster-like tools?

2008/9/12 Devrim GÜNDÜZ <devrim gunduz org>:
> So to which directory do you want us to get backup? (...)

All reasonable questions. I'm not suggesting the stock RPMs do any of
this crazy stuff I am talking about...

> So,  IMHO what Fedora should do is to be able to install many versions
> in parallel, and leave the rest of DBA work to the users.

Yes. 200% agreed. And the OLPC XS team will craft special custom RPMs
to run the upgrade in the field, estimating disk storage needs to
avoid the disk-full situation, evaluating the success of the migration
and subsequent steps.

Now, once the 'many versions in parallel' thing works well, it does
need a bit of glue to be nice and easy to write scripts that perform
some actions on one PG install, and other actions on another PG
install. That's the glue I am asking for.

In other words... if I'm going to shoot myself in the foot, the gun
better be nice and comfortable to hold :-)

Debian has reasonably good glue/wrappers - with some problems, but
they all have workarounds. They could be rewritten in Python or bash
easily. As Tom points out, it'll be pretty nigh impossible to write a
wrapper without _some_ issues so Fedora could at least be


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