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Re: NetworkworkManger and network based filesystem /usr

Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said: 
> What you see here is that the old network service started at priority 10, 
> with low priorities starting first, then at 13 iscsi got started and at 
> 25 network filesystems (nfs, iscsi, etc) get fsck-ed (where applicable) 
> and then mounten.
> Then at 26 hal gets started and at 27 NetworkManager.
> Now here we have a problem as in the brave new world without the old 
> network service, when iscsi gets started and when netfs tries to mount 
> nfs shares, the network is not configured yet as NetworkManager hasn't 
> been started yet.

netfs does not start if neither of network or NM has started yet, and
is separately started by NM if needed.

> But there is a catch, hal and NetworkManager are currently under /usr 
> which could be on a network based fs itself. So hal and NetworkManager 
> will need to be moved to /bin and /lib[64], or alternatively we could 
> declare that installations where /usr is on a different fs then / are not 
> supported (which might be a good thing todo for F-10 and then move hal + 
> NM for F-11).

Having network /usr and non-network  / isn't really practical long term.
I'm all for not supporting it.


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