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Re: Today's (9/12) rawhide all users = unable to authenticate user!

darrell pfeifer wrote:
2008/9/12 Dr. Diesel <dr diesel gmail com>

Booting normally to GDM, using normal root login gives me unable to
authenticate user.  If I boot to init3, my user/pass works just fine, then I
can startx.  I attempted passwd and reset my pass with no luck!

Anybody else?  Should I file this under GDM?

The gdm changelog says

* Tue Sep 09 2008 Jon McCann <jmccann redhat com> - 1:2.23.92-2
- Disallow root login

 So it is intentional

So... what exactly are we supposed to do when the user login gets hosed? Reach for a rescue disk? (Seriously, what's with the sudden trend to make fixing problems harder by making recovery modes inaccessible in an apparent bid to hide the "confusing/potentially dangerous" bits of the system from the user?)

ENOWIT: .sig file for this machine not set up yet

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