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Re: make force-tag gone

On Tuesday 09 September 2008 12:46:46 Jesse Keating wrote:
> MikeB said that he'd look into some CVS/make changes that would allow
> checking koji for an on going or successful build of a tag/n-v-r before
> allowing a force-tag.  This would allow folks to force-tag before having
> a successful build, but would not allow you to force the tag after a
> successful build, or while a build is still going with that n-v-r.
> I think this approach, while it may slow down force-tags and prevent
> force-tags during any koji outage, will give us the best of both worlds.

I think this is the best solution. If you do a make force-tag, I don't care if 
it takes 2 minutes vs 15 seconds for normal tags. I am faced right now with 
debugging a failure in a test suite and will need to bump the release number 
a bunch of times to troubleshoot the problem. Previously I could use 
force-tag so that scratch builds don't increment the count and when its 
resolved I have the release number I meant to.

If we are going to this policy, I think the people enforcing it should have 
the tools already in place and working so that they do not impact the 
community without reason. The way this is being done is about as disruptive 
as when someone does a soname bump without telling anyone.

Please put it back until someone comes up with a way to give release engineers 
what they want and package maintainers what they want.

In the mean time I will needlessly bump my package release number and add a 
commit message stating why I changed my package for the next release. I hope 
PackageKit can display all the text this creates for my release notes.


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