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Re: make force-tag gone

On Sunday 14 September 2008 09:19:50 Steve Grubb wrote:
> In the mean time I will needlessly bump my package release number and add a
> commit message stating why I changed my package for the next release. I
> hope PackageKit can display all the text this creates for my release notes.

OK, it took 3 builds to get libprelude squared away. Now because force-tag is 
no longer available, we have libprelude- in rawhide and 
libprelude- aimed at F-9 inclusion. 

Does anaconda favor packages that are part of the right release even when the 
release number is smaller? Was this one of the consequences considered before 
implementing a mandatory policy?

Whoever does that n-v-r upgrade from F-9 to F-10 report may need to take into 
account that we all have to increment release numbers which makes it real 
hard to get the upgrade path right if anaconda does not favor packages within 
its own repo.


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