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Re: Pulseaudio : lots of issues, how can I help?

Le Lun 15 septembre 2008 15:39, Denis Leroy a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>   > Simply put, non-X-console input is a mess (X input is a mess too
> but
>> at least there are people trying to fix it), non-X-console font
>> support has fossilized, and support for modern high resolution
>> screens
>> is severely lacking.
>> The console has not evolved for a long time, while text requirements
>> have gone up. At this point a dumbed down text-only X session is
>> probably the only credible console future (or something that is not
>> X
>> at all but uses many libraries we associate with apps now).
>> Non-X-console state is so bad nowadays I don't bother reporting bugs
>> on it. Even if they are fixed they always reappear the next Fedora
>> cycle.
> Well, people can log in, and people can run commands. As long as that
> works, where's the problem ? I understand support for foreign
> characters
> is going to be a problem, but how does that justify removing the
> entire thing ?

Keeping this stuff alive is not free you know.

Displaying boot messages properly or doing a VT switch does not work
completely on my rawhide box right now. And no one decided to break
it. It just rotted away.

>  > There is simply not enough console users [cut] to do anything but
>  > life support anymore.
> On what facts do you base that opinion ?

On my experience of xkb layout maintainer for my language, kbd
maintainer for my language, main animator of the Fedora fonts SIG,
regular console user, etc.

Text support is hard. Text support requires ongoing maintenance (even
at iso-functionnality). Our GUI environment has gotten good enough
people that used to do console maintenance have less and less
incentive to do so, and as a result the console is slowly rotting
(ascii-only text + qwerty is easier and not exhibiting a lot of rot so
far, but that's only a question of time). Even hardcore kernel devs
will tell you to just use and xterm instead of bothering with console
problems nowadays.

The situation won't get better untill a lot more of the software stack
is shared between Xorg and the console.

Nicolas Mailhot

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