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Re: The state of resolv.conf

Paul Howarth wrote:
Ahmed Kamal wrote:
I have an itch. I connect to work using openvpn. Works great, except that
openvpn does not modify resolv.conf to add work's dns servers (now available
through vpn). It does that on Windows though! I cannot expect openvpn or
(any other application) to simply overwrite /etc/resolv.conf at will, but
what is fedora missing to get an elegant solution to this problem ?

I use a local DNS server that forwards queries (both forward and reverse lookups for the network I'm connecting to) down the tunnel. So /etc/resolv.conf always contains just localhost as the nameserver.

Does that handle the case well where you've got a laptop and you move from one wireless network to another? How would you get it to recognize the changing DNS servers in that case?

Jon Biggar
jon biggar org
jon floorboard com

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