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Re: Today's (9/12) rawhide all users = unable to authenticate user!

Nigel Jones wrote:
On Fri, 2008-09-12 at 23:35 -0500, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
darrell pfeifer wrote:
2008/9/12 Dr. Diesel <dr diesel gmail com>

Booting normally to GDM, using normal root login gives me unable to
authenticate user.  If I boot to init3, my user/pass works just fine, then I
can startx.  I attempted passwd and reset my pass with no luck!

Anybody else?  Should I file this under GDM?

The gdm changelog says

* Tue Sep 09 2008 Jon McCann <jmccann redhat com> - 1:2.23.92-2
- Disallow root login

 So it is intentional
So... what exactly are we supposed to do when the user login gets hosed? Reach for a rescue disk? (Seriously, what's with the sudden trend to make fixing problems harder by making recovery modes inaccessible in an apparent bid to hide the "confusing/potentially dangerous" bits of the system from the user?)
From memory GDM has always done this, (I personally don't use GDM, I
favour KDM), I remember some FC5 machines in particular that required a
GDM configuration hack to allow root logins.

Last I checked I can login as root (in the display manager, which AFAIK is gdm) on this box. This is F9, and at any rate I'm 99% sure it worked in F8.

Overall, I'm in favour of not allowing root GUI logins by default, I'd
imagine we are still going to always have direct root CLI logins.

...unless the "let's remove mingetty" crowd gets their way. (That also assumes that VT switching is working, which seems to not be the case with nvidia's POS video drivers :-(.)

"NT was a marketing name that stood for New Technology, but it was still an amusing coincidence that WNT was VMS with each letter replaced by the next one."
  -- Jeremy Reimer

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