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Re: Beware: External repos can break key transition

On 16.09.2008 03:24, Warren Togami wrote:
BTW, I just thought of a horribly ugly but automatic working solution to this problem: Filter the require on "xine-lib(plugin-abi) = 1.24" from that package.

This sucks, but at least yum update will upgrade to the latest N-V-R packages in both repos so this doesn't exactly break anything.

It breaks for some times: let's say xine-lib (Fedora) and xine-lib-extras-nonfree (Livna) get both pushed to their repos at round about the same time (like it was the case for the recent packages). Then there is a time window that's afaics round about somewhat between 24 and 36 hours long(¹) where yum on the user's system might chose to use the livna master repo (or a up2date livna mirror) and a Fedora mirror that's not up to date.

Thus yum will install the new xine-lib-extras-nonfree from Livna, but not the matching xine-lib from Fedora. Thus all apps that rely on xine will silently stop playing some videos that they were able to play beforehand. I'd call that breakage ;-) A breakage that IMHO is not acceptable, as users won't know what's up and might file bugs.


(¹) time configured in yum for metadata_expire + time until mirrormanager stops pointing yum to mirrors that don't ship xine-lib; manually configured mirror that are out of date will make things worse

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