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Re: NetworkworkManger and network based filesystem /usr

>>> But there is a catch, hal and NetworkManager are currently under /usr 
>>> which could be on a network based fs itself. So hal and 
>>> NetworkManager will need to be moved to /bin and /lib[64], or 
>>> alternatively we could declare that installations where /usr is on a 
>>> different fs then / are not supported (which might be a good thing 
>>> todo for F-10 and then move hal + NM for F-11).
>> Having network /usr and non-network  / isn't really practical long term.
>> I'm all for not supporting it.
> It  must die die die.  We're far better off making root filesystems  
> sharable and readonly.

OK, but change the FHS first. Because the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
says, that files needed for boot must be in / and not in /usr.
NetworkManager is in the category "needed for boot" right now.

And even if the harddrives are cheap, when you have hundreds of machines
(like universities usualy have), then you can save awfull lot of money
by using shared /usr (or pxe+shared / and thin clients I admit..).

Support in fedora is not critical, but obeying the FHS is one
think I would strongly recommend.

Martin Sivak
msivak redhat com

office: +420 532 294 111 / 62079
jabber: mars njs netlab cz

Red Hat Inc.

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