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Re: The state of resolv.conf

Tom Lane <tgl redhat com> writes:

> And surely that file is *less* likely to change than /etc/resolv.conf;
> not to mention that the ensuing work is orders of magnitude cheaper
> than sending an inquiry to your friendly local DNS server.
> Something does not compute here.

True. Having a proper local caching DNS server would be nice though.
dnsmasq is lightweight, easy to configure (all configuration options
can be set on the command line) and it already integrates with DBUS...

If applications can count on having a caching server on the same host,
perhaps they will stop implementing their own caching. Getting DNS
cache-behaviour right seems to be somewhat difficult, and dnsmasq
already did the hard work. It can also do the fancy stuff like
"company1.lan can be resolved from whereas example.net is on and". That is very handy for VPN's.


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