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Re: The state of resolv.conf

Simo Sorce wrote:

So the answer seems to be that glibc will not change it's simple
internal resolver (which has more limitations than just noticing
resolv.conf changes), but the recommendation is that lwresd or a local
caching nameserver be used for more complex DNS setups.
A caching nameserver that can be instructed what to do when conditions
change is what we really need.
Isn't it a little late to redesign the internet so names and addressing aren't delegated hierarchically?

What would this mean ?

What it would mean is that could have duplication of names and addresses and different nameservers give different results on purpose. This happens with private lans with private addresses and non-registered domains and you can sort-of deal with it as long as the private space you see is all coordinated and has no overlap with the public.

But let me ask a question in your own style: do you understand the
difference between a normal DNS server and a local cache ?

I'm not sure what you mean by the question. It is very normal for any DNS server to also be a local cache. The issue here is about 'when conditions change', which in the context of public DNS is basically never - that is, any resolver anywhere will give the same result unless you go out of your way to localize it. I think what we were talking about are situations where you have one or more private LAN segments with their own private name servers (that can probably also resolve public DNS) and your machine is a roaming laptop or you arbitrarily make and break VPN connections among the private segments. In the simple roaming case you would let DHCP give you DNS servers that are primary or secondary for their private space as well as public resolvers. In the more complicated setup, you can configure named to use different forwarders for different private zones. You won't be able to resolve names if your VPN to a forwarder is down, but you wouldn't be able to connect there anyway so it's not a big loss.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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