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Re: Mono 2.0 in F10

Den 21. sep. 2008 18.41 skrev Paul <paul all-the-johnsons co uk>:

I've been informed that Mono 2.0 RC3 is due out next week (RC3 is going
to be the actual release from what I've been told).

If it is out next week, can we get it pushed for inclusion into F10 (it
is mostly bug fixes over the version currently in rawhide, so testing
will need to be minimal)? It will mean that when F10 is released, it
will have something that not even OpenSuSE will have, the proper Mono
2.0 in - a big bonus for us!

A knock on is that the mono packagers should be able to get the full
1.9.x stack into F9, so there should be less problems than we're
currently finding with pushing into core.

Oh this is good news indeed, I also see that gtk-sharp2 2.12 was built for F9 as well so we might finally get a modern version of gnome-do and monodevelop in F9.

Any specific testing you desire before preparing the push to updates-testing?.

- David

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