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Re: recover from broken yum transaction

On Sep 21, 2008, Bruno Wolff III <bruno wolff to> wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 07:05:37 -0300,
>   Alexandre Oliva <aoliva redhat com> wrote:

>> In a slightly different scenario: I often find that, if the ssh
>> connection from which I start 'yum update' is broken for whatever
>> reason (say the machine from which I started reboots or so), yum gets
>> an error posting its progress reports, and then it starts removing
>> lots and lots of packages to keep dependencies from being unmet.

> Use screen.

I do.  But how do you propose to script that over 10+ (or 100+ :-)

I use screen on the server from which I initiate the updates, but that
doesn't cut it when it's the server that is rebooted, or gets
disconnected from the client.

And then, using screen is just a work around for a serious problem.
Wouldn't we be better off solving the problem in the first place?

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