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Re: pam_mount is still buggy

> Of note is that pam_mount was working about 3 weeks ago... Except it
> refused to unmount the volumes when user logged off.

I am no longer the maintainer of pam_mount (upstream or package), but I
can address this part of your issue. The pam_mount module will not be able
to unmount a home directory if processes still remain with open file
descriptors in the directory. Last I looked, many user daemons (e.g.,
gconf?) remained for a few seconds or minutes after a user logged out.

If you look through GNOME and Red Hat's bugzilla, you will see a couple of
examples of this that were fixed. You will also find some examples that
were never fixed upstream.

It used to be that you could instruct pam_mount to run lsof and log the
output to help troubleshoot this. I don't know if this feature is still
available, but it would identify which processes are causing the problem.


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