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Re: Instant Mirror Status...?

Hi Mikesell,

Les Mikesell wrote:
seth vidal wrote:
On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 10:15 -0600, Nathanael D. Noblet wrote:
I've become increasingly interested in a simple updates mirroring system to proxy/store updates for a number of fedora machines on our network. I searched google and found the instant mirror project, but it seemed somewhat dead. Is it still alive? Did some other solution replace it?

Take a look at intelligent mirror. A GSoC project by Kulbir Saini.


Is there still no way to make yum default to behaving intelligently by itself in the presence of a caching proxy? All it really needs to do is use the same mirror as the last person chose so the URLs will match.

I think its not possible. Especially in shared environments. For example in a university, machine A ran yum and downloaded foo.rpm via bar.com. Now if machine B runs yum to download the same foo.rpm, how will it know what mirror machine A used?

If you have a look at the latest developments of intelligentmirror[1], you'll observe that this mirror switching problem has been resolved but at the proxy level.

[1] http://fedora.co.in/intelligentmirror

Les Mikesell
lesmikesell gmail com

Thank you,
Kulbir Saini,
Computer Science and Engineering,
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Hyderbad, India - 500032.

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