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F11 Spins process refinement

As a member of FESCo, I'm leading an effort to improve the spins
process for F11. At the time that the F10 beta came around, no one
seemed to know what spins we were to produce to be hosted on
spins.fp.o, what process they had been through (Spins SIG, Board
trademark, rel-eng). We also inadvertently wound up requesting that
rel-eng produce spin using a toolchain that they had never heard of
before. As a result of this, the need for improvement became
immediately obvious to me.

If you're interested in this topic, we will be having a meeting,
hopefully sometime this week, via conference call. The reason for
holding this meeting via conference call rather than IRC is the
massively increased bandwidth that's available on a conference call to
actually discuss items - while IRC is wonderful for taking votes on
things that have already been thought out, it can't be used for a sort
of "working session".

What I need is *a volunteer* from each of the below groups to attend
this call. The reason for a single (or at most two) people from each
group is to facilitate an efficient, manageable call that stands a
fighting chance of accomplishing something :)

Spins SIG
Release Engineering

I'll also be reaching out to Bryan Kearney, who has some experience
going through this process, and some suggestions for refinement.

Note that we will be using a public whiteboard (most likely the Fedora
sobby instance), and the minutes of the call will be made public.


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