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speed up boot about 10s


I'm playing around with bootchart and had an initial boot time of 45s.
When I did the usual stuff (disabling senseless services) I came to 42s.
Then I picked the biggest fish: udevsettle sleeps for about 5s and does
what? I added udevtimeout=1 to the cmdline to get rid of it and had no
problem but an annoying error message on boot and 4s less boot time. I
also tried to start rhgb in background from rc.sysinit simply by
calling /usr/bin/rhgb& That again saved me 3s (but let rhgb run in
background forever using 100% cpu). 
Ive lost rhgb X-output a while ago and don't know why (maybe an update
put out a regression, I do not boot my laptop that often), so I cannot
test if that kind of stuff works, but at least somehow the process
should be killed somewhen ;)

To make a conclusion: making startup of blocks in rc.sysinit parallel is
worth some work ;) 
What about the future? Does plymouth start parallel? Is someone working
on speeding up nash-hotplug?

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