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Re: libjpeg Source0 URI points to non-existent file

On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 10:14 -0500, Chris Adams wrote:
> Once upon a time, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones redhat com> said:
> > >From devel/libjpeg.spec:
> > 
> >   Source0: ftp://ftp.uu.net/graphics/jpeg/jpegsrc.v6b.tar.bz2
> > 
> > AFAICT this file is non-existent, should be .gz instead.
> > 
> > Now I would normally file a bug about this, but I want to check first
> > if this is a genuine bug, or some sort of RPM or Fedora Makefile
> > trickery, like it automatically generates a bzip file or something.
> > Can someone tell me?
> For a while, Red Hat was fetching source and recompressing it to bz2 to
> gain a little space.  I don't think anybody is doing it now, but this
> may be a remnant from that time (since the JPEG reference source hasn't
> changed in a long time).

Almost certainly the case.  It mattered when we needed to keep the cd
set size down so that we could keep production costs at a minimum and
not lose money on the box set :-)

> I would say that at this point it would be good to switch back to the
> original (pristine) source; saving a few K by recompressing isn't worth
> it.

Yeah, probably true also


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