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Re: Tried Pulse Audio Again--No Good For A11y

Matthew Woehlke wrote:

Thinking of your computer as a single piece might make sense for someone who only has one, but does anyone really run fedora as their one and only computer?

That's like saying Fedora should only be targeted at highly tech-savvy users, which I have to take issue at. Do we really want to limit ourselves to that audience?

If you don't serve that audience or offer a forward path beyond entry level, who do you serve and who is going to promote it?

(To those that stated "I only use Fedora on <list of computers>, I think you all missed the point of the question, which was, 'do any Fedora users have /only one computer/', not 'does anyone use only Fedora'.)

Yes, it was at least a two-part question. One is whether you have more than one box - with the implication that in the likely scenario that you do, you'll want to split services among them in various ways and access each from the others. The other is whether Fedora is the best, or even a possible choice for every function. My impression is that even though individual computers are becoming more powerful, in practice things are becoming more distributed and parts are more mobile. While there is a trend toward hiding all of the networking under browser based applications, it is still a mistake to throw away the native ability of X to run about anything anywhere and handle multiple instances on the same box. If you aren't using Fedora for every function, it should still be a good choice for that - and with freenx/NX it is accessible from other platforms as well.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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