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Re: Tried Pulse Audio Again--No Good For A11y

Matthew Woehlke wrote:

Thinking of your computer as a single piece might make sense for someone who only has one, but does anyone really run fedora as their one and only computer?

That's like saying Fedora should only be targeted at highly tech-savvy users, which I have to take issue at. Do we really want to limit ourselves to that audience?

If you don't serve that audience or offer a forward path beyond entry level, who do you serve and who is going to promote it?

Of course we /should/ serve those users, I never suggested otherwise! But should we serve /only/ those users?

I didn't say that either, but typically the simple case is a subset of the more complex one so if the design is right you don't have to make that choice.

It's fine and good to make things work for people that do session hopping. I just didn't like how the original question seemed to imply that those are the only people we care about.

I didn't quite mean it like that, but X and unix-like systems just naturally divorce applications and sessions from hardware and it seems wrong to throw that away even if you don't need it today. Especially if it is just to avoid the trouble of properly managing profile data.

Maybe you could have asked instead, "do we really expect that no one running Fedora has more then one computer?", which indicates a positive interest in such people without seeming to assume that they are the only group that exists.

I'll go even farther that direction if you want: "do you really expect that no one running fedora will ever have more than one computer?" When/if they do, I'd expect them to want to share resources among them.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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