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Re: please deactivate services by default!

ons 2008-09-24 klockan 22:13 +0200 skrev Christoph Höger:

> I have some services found being activated by default that should be
> removed for the following reasons:

Seems to match the findings from Arjans recent fastboot-excersise quite

> 1. sendmail: starts way too slow, is not usefull for any normal desktop
> user I know. Making it usefull requires configuration so I assume
> wohever uses that service _can_ activate it.

The server people and large installation maintainers really like these
mails AFAIK, for desktop/laptop you administer yourself I never quite
understood how to actually read them execept for
less /var/spool/mail/root

OK what's in there after a few months daily use on this self-managed

* logwatch disk space messages, and the diskspace is low, well wouldn't
it be better to have this as a desktop popup like "you have mail"
actually, mailing it to root sort of implies that you have someone else
managing you disks/system.

* SELinux audit trail, reflecting normal usage and expected mistakes and
yum updates (like I didn't know, only root can do them!)

Useful information for the use cases where end-user and administrator is
seldom/never the same person. The admin will forward these mails to
their main inbox or whatever and grep it for stuff they need to know I
believe, and collect stats?

Then they could presumably also turn on this when they install the
system and Fedora could leave it off in the default install, no?


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