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Re: please deactivate services by default!

Christoph � wrote:
I really hope I'm missing something...

calm down! No one will break your system. In the worst case you would
simply have to enable sendmail.

Ah... yeah. Good thing I read fedora-devel then, yes?


If an upgrade makes cron jobs stop working, or a new F10 system allows creating cron jobs that won't run, that's a bug (a potentially grave bug, at that, and IMO an unacceptable one).

The only way I'd accept this is if I can't get into the situation of having a non-working cron job (that would otherwise work if sendmail was around) is if I must /actively acknowledge/ (i.e. click or type "yes" in response to) a warning that explains that sendmail is no longer active by default and what adverse effects this has.

I shouldn't have to know to enable sendmail to maintain functionality that I've had on Linux for decades, especially when we're talking about causing critical system components (in this case, my backup process) to suddenly not work.

Make sure it won't do that. Otherwise I will be very unhappy, yes? :-)

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I was recently amused by issuing 'rm -rf $KDEDIR'... from Konsole, while in a KDE session. And nothing bad happened whatsoever. Try THAT on Windows :-D.

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