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Re: please deactivate services by default!

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Matthew Woehlke (mw_triad users sourceforge net) said:
I'm Joe User. I use cron+rsync to do nightly backups and keep my home on a separate partition (so I'm somewhere in the "power user" category, but I don't read fedora-devel). I just upgraded to F10 (F11?) by doing a clean install. I didn't read the release notes (yeah, we know the joke, "who does?").

This has *nothing* to do with upgrades. This is all about the desktop
livecd only.

If so, that's the first I heard, unless that's what "desktop image" means (which is not at all clear).

I'll allow that expecting cron and local mail delivery to work on a livecd might be a bit much :-). Does it still work on a default *install*?

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