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RPM Idea...

With absolutely no knowledge of how complex an idea/request this is. But I was about to try to file a bug against a fedora package, and wondered, is this even *from* fedora.. where's the upstream bugzilla/tracker.. etc. So I wondered, how it sounds to have a field in the spec file with urls of bugzilla locations (in my mind even better if possible would be to the direct url to post a bug)

So for example in my case I'm posting a bug against mkinitrd. It would be great if I could do rpm -qi mkinitrd and find


The bug I'm filing wouldn't trigger or be able to use bug-buddy. You could also perhaps have more than one location for upstream projects which have their own bug tracker...

Anyway, just a thought... I realize it isn't perhaps perfect, but would help... Heck from there it would be simpler to tie into something like bug-buddy or some other method to post bugs through a 'local' gui which knows how to get the right info from the rpm as to where to post bugs, and what type of bug posting system it is...

Nathanael d. Noblet
T: 403.875.4613

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