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dmraid isw serial number issue avoids to install f10-f11 Beta


Install of Fedora 10 and fedora 11 Beta fails because a issue in dmraid for isw.
dmraid extract raid metadata from well known disk address, extract disk serial numbers from metadata and compare these against serials obtained from ioctl().
In this particular case serial number from ioctl() returns 20 char width serial number and serial numbers in metadata are 16 chars width and for this reason the string matching test fails.

I have submitted detail in bugzilla:


Anaconda depends on a successful result of dmraid set discovery, but this particular issue doesn't allow to go further with the installation process.

The fix is very simple, but this fix is not included in fedora raid rpm. I'd like to know who is the maintainer of this rpm package to add patch I provided.


Alberto Patino

Don't be evil!!!

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