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Re: noarch rpm feature query/issue

On Friday 03 April 2009, Peter Robinson wrote:

> > The rpmdiff you're talking about is only run against noarch
> > *subpackages*. This is a noarch base package, and like every other
> > package, we assume the maintainer is handling arch issues appropriately.
> >  In this case, a noarch package should not be dropping files under
> > %{_lib}, since this will obviously be different depending on which arch
> > it was built on.  Maybe there should be a check in redhat-rpm-config to
> > avoid this?  I'm not sure how noarch packages are supposed to handle
> > pkgconfig files.
> Thanks for the clarification, ultimately it was an oversight on my
> part, and the package review. Maybe one of the easy ways to pick it up
> is a check in rpmlint.

s/a check/the check/

This is what rpmlint has to say about gupnp-vala.spec, 0.5.3-3%{?dist} from 
CVS's devel branch with "BuildArch: noarch" added:

$ rpmlint ./gupnp-vala.spec
./gupnp-vala.spec:61: W: libdir-macro-in-noarch-package (main package) 

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