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Re: Looking for reviews swaps

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Ralf Corsepius wrote:

Spot is the Red Hat Legal spokesperson. He is the one having the final
say around here and is the person I am considering to be responsible for
processing legal requests.

Did you even bother to read the link?
Yes, ... and?

Answers from "legal" are a matter of "how to ask questions" - IMO, they
all failed.

Considering that you actually think binaries not available freely is the
same as non-free, I will take FSF and Red Hat Legal's opinion over
yours. Also if you consider that game content as non-free you might want
to look closely at so much of the other content licenses such as Vera or
OFL.  Atleast, then you would have a consistent stand point.
Where am I inconsistent?

I say Fedora is inconsiseent: These sound files, images, etc. are not free and qualify Fedora as "non-free". Fedora's separation between "data" and "programs" is absurd.

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