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Re: dontzap - a application to revert dontzap setting

Alright, I can't resist it anymore, I just have to throw in my $0.02
(or €0.015). :)

This discussion has gone everywhere by now and it might be just me,
but what exactly *is* the big deal here? Upstream decided to make a
change to the shortcut behavior. It's been well spoken of by now.
People have blogged about it. It's in the release notes (isn't that
what it's for?). The excuse "people don't read release notes" does not
apply at all here (IMHO). When they run into the "problem" they could
have known it (what's the term again? RTFM?).

Besides the fact that it's disabled by default doesn't mean it can be
reverted. There have been various solutions by now, they just need to
be well documented to work. Sure, a checkbox in a configuration tool
would be nice for the less experienced user, but is making a change to
(perhaps a non existing) xorg.conf file that hard when it's been well
documented? I guess it's just as hard as installing a 3th party piece
of software which is currently not in the Fedora repo's. It'd require
some knowledge of the software you're working with.

Please keep in mind that I'm just thinking out loud here. There are no
bad intentions in my post and I'm not trying to defend the change
(although I can live with it perfectly fine). I'm just trying to
figure out what it's all about.

PS. Also, I might even have missed out on some important statements.
Feel free to let me know if I'm (completely) wrong here.

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