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Re: Tracking arch specific bugs

On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 10:27:27AM +1000, Tony Breeds wrote:
>Newbie alert!
>Hi All,
>	What is the bast way to track all bugs in bugzilla that apply to a
>particular arch?   I'm interested in powerpc bugs.
>Currently I'mm CC'd on:
>Tracking bug for Fedora Core Mac (PPC) support.
>ExcludeArch Tracker for ppc
>ExcludeArch Tracker for ppc64
>But these don't seem to cover all the bugs, and seem to be opt-in rather than
>automagically maintained.  Sure I can save a query that shows me all the bugs
>for powerpc but that's a manual process.  What I'd erally like is whenever a new

The ExcludeArch bugs _should_ be used anytime someone excludes an architecture
from a package.  It's a policy we have.  People don't follow it for one reason or

The saved query is sadly the best solution that I'm aware of.

>Also is the an arch-powerpc team? if so how can I join?

You already did when you fixed yaboot.  Missed that memo? :)

More seriously, we do have a "team".  It consists of David Woodhouse, me, and
perhaps a few others.  We should really update the PPC page in the wiki a bit.


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