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Re: review request for libpst

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> 3. version-marked symbol: foo LIBBAR_2_1_0 (and no other foo *
> symbol)
>   * conservative use of symbol versioning
>   * contains version information which RPM can use for automatic deps
>   * programs using foo will have a libbar.so.2(LIBBAR_2_1_0) autodep
>   * on OSes without symbol versioning, just foo (as in 1.) will be
> used
>   * as in 1., the function foo must remain binary compatible
> The solution 3. is what I'm suggesting to use. RPM autodeps would be
> much
> safer if all upstream projects used that.

I am both the upstream and the packager for this project, and I am
willing to make changes (well, within reason) to make it fit nicely
into Fedora. Do you have an example of a fedora package that uses this
approach so I can study it, or is there a reference with a bit more
detail of exactly how to create these versioned symbols and the rules
to be followed when deciding which symbols need to be versioned?

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