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Re: My first DontZap use case while testing F11 beta

Gregory Maxwell wrote:
On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 3:35 PM, Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> wrote:
Correct - my opinion still is: upstream's decision is silly.

Anyone propose a patch that moves the zap to something suitably
impossible to press accidentally… like ctrl-alt-backspace then type
killxnow? :)
As I wrote several time before in this threat: To me, c-a-bs is an emergency button. Any additional action but "immediately killing X" voids this aspect.

Also, provided the hazzle this issue has caused, I am deeply convinced the
change would have been reverted in Fedora, if Fedora package maintainer
wasn't a RH employee.

Oh no! RedHat has been subverted by the conspiracy of emacs users?!
No, experience in Fedora has told many @RedHat's simply don't care about opinion but their own.

It's what is commonly known as "Red Hat's arrogance and ignorance".

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