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Re: making available usb usable iso's without using livecd-iso-to-disk or liveusb-creator

Camilo Mesias wrote:

 i can see no
reason not to use this dual format for live releases, and if you think that
because tools are available to use the existing method is a valid reason not
to move forward with other more useful methods then i don't know what to say

The iso is less useful than the existing method. The existing tools
can perform all sorts of checks, whereas dd is open to  mis-use. The
existing tools are non-destructive so I can have a load of general
purpose info (eg. Windows / Linux diagnostic tools and important data
files (ssh or WPA keys). The USB disk remains cross-platform readable.
I could do all this with the iso but would have to put multiple
partitions on the device, and it starts to get more complex...

I think the only way the existing tools could be improved is perhaps a
GUI version and the ability to have several images on one disk and a
boot menu to select between them.


and using the dual mode iso won't stop you from using your existing methods, just allow others who want a quicker simpler route to usb to have their way too. as i said before it doesn't remove any of the existing functionality it only adds functionality for a different user base, how is that so wrong?


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